Welcome to Belle River United Church

We are a welcoming, friendly and compassionate church providing a place where we can come together to worship, pray and sing.

We offer Church service every Sunday morning at 9:30 am with our Rev. Ann Corbet and then have a coffee time to follow in the Church hall.  All are welcome to attend after the service to meet new comers as well as fellowship with old friends.

We encourage the nurturing of our children and youth with their spiritual growth.

Volunteers and Outreach is of concern and our ability to rise to meet those obligations are very important to us as a congregation.

Many members participate in our fundraisers which includes the Fall Bazaar.  This fund raiser is the making of our delicious meat pies and cabbage rolls for all to purchase and enjoy.  As well, we have craft tables to choose those special gifts for the holiday season...

Our Church choir under the direction of Brian White, performs every Sunday and often has the privilege of our very own church band joining in.

So, if you are looking for a "Church Family" to be part of: come out and see what we are all about!