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Baptism Ceremony

Every individual is loved by God - whether they are baptized or not.

We believe when it comes to baptism, age is irrelevant.

The one baptized does not become a member of the United Church of Canada, but rather they become identified with the worldwide Body of Christ, the Church.

During the sacrament of baptism, our congregation makes a promise to the child or person being baptized - to help nurture in Christian love and accompany them on their spiritual journey.

For this reason, we strongly encourage the individual and/or the parents of a child to have the baptism in the church in which they plan to attend or be raised.

We are open to discussing baptism with interested parties.

Baptisms are held during a worship service at a time convenient for all involved.

Please contact the Pastoral Charge Office at 519-975-2252

to arrange a time to meet with the minister.