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Baptism Ceremony

We believe that every individual on this earth is a beloved child of God - whether they are baptized or not.

We also believe that, when it comes to baptism, age is irrelevant.

When we baptize an individual, they do not become a member of the United Church of Canada, rather they become a member of the worldwide

Body of Christ, the church.

During the rite of baptism, our congregation makes a promise to the child who is being baptized - to help nurture the child in Christian love and accompany them on their spiritual journey.

For this reason, we strongly encourage parents/grandparents to have their children/grandchildren baptized in the church in which they will be raised.

Having said that, we do not seek to be exclusive. We are open to discussing baptism with interested parties.

Baptisms are conducted four times per year, at a time which is convenient for all parties involved.

Please contact:  

Rev. Murray Rounding  (519)-990-9713